There’ll Be Light Soon

by Kohelet

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The second album of Kohelet.


released July 18, 2016

Composing, arranging, vocals and all the instruments but the drums: Itamar Henry
Drums: Itamar Rubinger

sound engineers: Gur Magen, Constantin Groenert, Roy Yarom
mixing: Roy Yarom
Mastering: Yoram vazan
recorded at: Gunfactory Studios, Homerton, London, E9 5SB
Album art: Noor Tadjer



all rights reserved


Kohelet London, UK

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Track Name: An echo in a void
An Echo in a Void

Its an echo in a void
Some breed cluster to avoid
Burdened is all
While it sits away from eyes
Dreams on thoughts you can’t apprise
Tortured is all

New Sisyphus
buys and sells eyes
knows not himself
nor his praise of approval
His self removal
Sacrifice all to be in control

All I see is wasted gifts
False flag greed and wisdom thieves
Guilty is all
Nothing ever stays the same
And that’s never going to change
Burdened is all

Vine trampled to wine
Crashed divine
Everything shines
There is no sign of a folly
Treasure your body
Just like the starts, Its ancient and wise
Envious fools know no joy
Blinded hate will doom us all
You belong wherever you are
In your mind travel far
Burdened is all
Forlorned is all
Orphaned is all
Sacrifice all to be in control
Track Name: I think my shadow hates me
I think my shadow hates me
The endless starvation is grinding the key to the well
Of how to mind sail
Grey erosion or envious lust
Filth confusion and they all say they you must
Fall asleep in your chair
Don’t forget where to stare
For that rush of your brain turned mush

They tell you to march
And keep at your throat
Anytime you have a thought
Self hate is the joker
Of all human frailties
Fools forget
Saints forgive
If you’d love me
All I would give
Hell will feast on those who sink in grief

Quiet, the giants are dreaming
Their thoughts move the sky and their breath moves the wind

Nothing is shameful as hunger
And it is my master
The pit calls me daily
It devours my misery
Love me shadow
Wont you please love me
Track Name: There’ll be light soon
There’ll be light soon

There’ll be light soon
Ill close my eyes and hope for relief
To run is a mistake
To crawl will get you no where
I’ll be right soon
The pit cannot be all that deep
You know sheep can’t make the leap

I’ll be good soon
The constant mistakes that steal sleep
To weep will empty hearts
While pride will starve your courage

I will fall asleep
And surely soon forget
This plight filled world that makes your heart go numb

There’ll be light soon
Track Name: This is what I come down to
This is what I come down to

This is what I come down to
Bones and time
Diamonds hidden by a crow
To hide from the slime

Broken chariots carry
Lucid souls through the mist
Binding your way
Inside fortune’s fist

This is what I come down to
Fear and luck
Hammers in the tongues of fools
To hide from the dark

Broken chariots carry
Lucid souls through the mist
Binding your way
Inside fortune’s fist

Hail heals the sky
Nature’s goddess in a fly
Sunshine can lie
Chance rules your mind
Anything can be denied
Rules don’t apply

Struggle for your heart that you must
What else could you trust

This is what I come down to
Last and pride
Moments lost into the void
Awaiting the tide

The dirt beggars are looking
For a comfortable grave
Tilting the game
Of who the gods save
Track Name: Oh Brother
Oh brother

Oh brother my fort
A hatchless heart we share
A trace of tears is
leading me
Choose to feel
Burning blade flash will heal
Hold your mind
Higher than the wind
The stars don’t sneer
And the breeze has no fear
Hold on brother
Peace of mind is near

Feel the thorns
Not dreaming brings to life
I always hope my disguise will suffice
Nothing better than your breath
Anything in life needs faith
Listen to me and you will see
Nothing is guilt free
fleas will agree
there’s no reward
for your bought and your sold
mind thugs mould
thoughts toward
gloomy storms, angry skies
bask in their dance with no harshness
tis us who fear
the thunder for our spirit craves
the peaceful silence of a grave
everything is there with
lines of blood as proof that there is no one you can save
Everyone’s a slave
To the mud that their roots nature feed
And their leaves have bleed
Owl from day scared
Ant has day off dread
And no one is to blame

Hunters of dreams
Born but were torn
between arts horn
forlorn our father’s scorn
In me
In you